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As an experienced home inspection company in Irvine, CA who offers a personal service and extremely accurate building inspection is but one call away to Ingraffia Home Inspections at (714) 371-8422. Our team of inspectors have been providing Orange County with quality residential and commercial inspections since 2003. Ingraffia Home Inspections offers only the best home inspections to ensure that your home will be up to code as well as beings secure and safe for years to come.

We have built a reputation over the past 8 years as the best inspection company to call when you want accurate inspection and superior customer service. Ingraffia Home Inspections provide mold and indoor air quality testing in addition to exceptional home inspections. We are here to assist you in finding every potential issue that your home may be facing.  Our company offers Thermal Imaging as another tool to inspect what the eye can’t see.  Example: Moisture intrusion, over heating electrical, leaky duct work, energy audits and much more. That is just one more reason to use our home inspection services.

When you are about to purchase a new home, you want to make sure that you hire a qualified real estate inspection company to go in before the purchase is completed, so you know that the home will meet all of the required building and safety codes. After all, with the price of most repairs these days, the last thing you want is to buy a home only to have to put thousands in just to make it livable.

The solution to receiving this great home inspections in Irvine, CA is to call Mark at Ingraffia Home Inspections. Pick up that phone and dial (714) 371-8422 to speak with a company that can handle any building inspection. Visit our pricing page to find out more information about the services that we can provide.

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