Preparation Checklist

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Preparation Prior To Inspection:

Preparing your house for a home inspection. If you are having your home inspected, you should be prepared to give the inspector access.
The inspector will need clear access to:
  1. The water heater.
  2. Plumbing access behind tubs and showers.
  3. Electrical panel. If your house was built post 1980, it probably has a G.F.C.I. receptacle in the garage, Make sure the inspector is able to access the outlet in the garage.
  4. Furnace and/or air handler.
  5. Attic Hatch. If the attic is used for storage, make some room for the inspector inside the attic for him to move around.
  6. Crawl Space accesses.

Home Inspection Checklist:

  • Did you make sure the light fixtures are all in place?
  • Do the light fixtures, switches and receptacles all function?
  • Does the doorbell work?
  • Do the thermostat, heating and cooling systems function?
  • Is there adequate air flow through the heating and cooling registers?
  • Did all the radiators or convectors get warm in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Do all the appliances function properly?
  • Did you check for any damage to the counter tops or cabinets?
  • Did you check the operation of the cabinets and drawers?
  • Were all your questions answered that you have for the home inspector?
  • Were all your questions for the home owner answered in writing to your satisfaction?
  • Have the previously agreed to repairs been professionally completed?
  • Have warranties and guarantees been provided for agreed upon repairs?
  • Did you follow your home inspectors’ recommendations and have all recommended additional inspections and invasive inspections performed?
  • OR Are you willing to take these open ended risks?
  • Have you checked the operation of the windows and screens?
  • Have steps been taken to stop water from accumulating near the building?
  • Did you check doors, decks, siding, windows & fences for damage / deterioration?
  • Are there any signs of water infiltration from the roof, siding or windows?
  • Are there any signs of gutter or downspout problems?
  • Are the downspouts discharging water away from the foundation?
  • Has the soil around the home been pitched away from the foundation?
  • Have all the areas listed in your home inspection report as inaccessible or not traversed been accessed & professionally inspected to determine if defects exist?
  • Do the garage doors and their openers function?
  • Did you test the reversing devices for the garage door openers?
  • Did you find out why any stains or cracks on any of the walls or ceilings that have become larger or have appeared since the time of the home inspection?
  • Have all cracked windows or mirrors been repaired?
  • Have all the clouded double pane windows been replaced?
  • Are all the permanently installed fixtures or appliances been in place and in good condition?
  • Did you check for any signs of birds, rodents or animals?
  • Has any damage to damage to the walls, floor or ceilings been repaired?
  • Did you check all the plumbing fixture faucets to determine if they leak or drip?
  • Did you check all the plumbing fixtures for chips or damaged?
  • Did you run water for a time through all plumbing fixtures and check for leakage?
  • Did you run water for a time through all plumbing fixtures and check for stoppage?

It is vital that you complete this checklist during your walk through and go over it with your agent prior to closing on the property. Our home inspection company accepts no liability for changes and problems that occur after the home inspection takes place neither do most others.

Please take the time to carefully and completely perform your pre-inspection walk though home inspection check list, and contact us if you have any other questions or concerns!