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Ingraffia Home Inspections provides professional inspection services for single family homes, condominiums, commercial properties, also but not limited to: swimming pools/spas, mobile homes and more.

Ingraffia Home Inspections provide reports that are individually written. Our reports have excellent detail and many of the issues are accompanied by a photograph. We try to show you what you cannot see. We typically take about 75-100 pictures during an inspection, of which approximately half end up in the report, depending on the condition of the home. For your convenience, we e-mail your report in PDF format with-in 24 hours of the inspection, or in most cases the same day. If you are visiting us from out of town and do not have access to a computer, a printed version of the report will be made available upon request.


Grading: We visually check for noticeable signs of soil settlement, erosion of soils near the foundation, noticeable signs of standing water, and to ensure that there is evidence of positive grading away from the foundation.

Driveway: Inspected for signs of settlement, abnormal deterioration, improper attachment to structures and or garage, proper sloping away from garage.

Walks: Inspected for possible hazards, improper sloping, and or visible settlement.

Patio: Inspected for physical condition, abnormal deterioration, structural, construction defects.

Fences and Walls: Operate and inspect gates, inspect for deterioration, general condition, and settlement.

Lawns/Irrigation: Ensuring proper landscape coverage and grading, inspecting irrigation system for proper operation. Example: leaking valves, missing heads, spraying onto house or structures, and zone coverage’s.

Landscaping: Ensuring proper ventilation against house walls, monitoring and documenting trees that come into contact with roof and or service electrical wiring, trees under rooting foundations and flat work.

Pools and Spas

Pool and Spa: (If applicable) Observing the pool/spa water clarity, pool/spa surface and overall condition, inspecting for any readily visible health and safety concerns, inspecting pool/spa deck topping and perimeter.

Mechanical Equipment: Ensuring proper operation of pool/spa pumps, blowers, heaters, electrical components, timer boxes, bleeder valves, adequate pressure, filters, stands, lights, and overall condition. “Solar heaters and panels not inspected”

Accessories: Diving board, slide, pool vac, inspected for physical condition and operation.

Safety Features: To ensure proper operation and installation of a variety of new code enforced items.  Example: Anti-vortex drain covers, ground fault interrupter (GFI) devices, fencing/gates.  General Health and Safety.


House Walls: Checking soils adjacent to weep screed, chipping and flaking paint, deterioration and damage, settlement cracking, shrinkage cracks, overall condition. “Pre 1978 exterior house wall paint could contain lead”

Chimney: Inspected for Improper flashing, Spark arrester, Chimney cap, condition of flue and cap, general exterior overall condition.

Foundation: Visually checked for settlement, if applicable or visible. Post tension slabs are always stamped within the garage floor concrete slab.

Roof: Inspected and checked for estimated remaining life. Inspect all flashing in the roof system, inspect all pipe collars, storm collars, air vents, power fans  and accessories, check for any damage to the roof deck on the exterior and interior surfaces, complete spot checks across the roof system for straight lines,  appropriate fasteners, and number of layers of existing roof, inspect gutter system to insure adequate drainage, complete an attic inspection for moisture, mold, mildew and adequate ventilation, and more..

Garage: Checked for ventilation, garage opener safety features, combustible components, electrical, door opener and overall overhead door condition, GFCI protection, water stains and water damage, interior plumbing, firewall separation and or damage, ensuring proper operation and installation of any fire doors, roof, foundation, stem walls, exterior walls, and overall structural integrity.

Other Building: If applicable, checked for structural integrity and or health and safety concerns.


Water: Water pressure, type of plumbing, general condition and operation, visible leaks.

Sewer Systems and Septic Tanks Systems:  Checking overall condition and operation. Septic system not evaluated.

Electric Service: Checking and testing all electrical outlets for proper polarity “representative sample throughout the house” other outlets will be toned for polarity. Electrical panel checked and breakers tested, electrical service wires inspected, GFCI protection tested, permanently mounted light fixtures and wall switches.  General health and safety regarding all interior and exterior electrical.

Gas Service: Gas meter and entry service visually checked. Inspected for active leaks, and overall condition.

Water Heater: Inspected for proper operation, health and safety, overall condition, strapping, water supply, shut offs, pressure relief piping.

Heating and Air Conditioning: Both HVAC will be operated and inspected to ensure proper operation and installation.  Major components inspected would consist of, but not limited to: Furnace, evaporator cooler, thermostat, exterior condensing unit, condensing lines, and duct-work.

Laundry Room: Inspected for general condition, exhaust fans, electrical, water hookups, sinks if applicable, ventilation, floors, walls, and ceilings, water damage.

Water Softener & Water Purification Systems: Not Evaluated.


Entry: Foyer floors, walls, ceilings, door and weather stripping, water intrusion, visible water leaks, visible structural defects, and overall condition.

Walls, Ceilings & Floor: Inspected for visible construction defects, visible structural concerns, cracking, settlement, damage, and overall satisfactory condition.

Interior Doors: Checked for proper operation, visible settlement and levelness, door hardware operation, and overall general condition.

Windows: Fogging window panes, visible water damage, functionality, overall condition.

Sliding Glass Doors:  Inspecting for general operation, condition, and broken glass. “1965 building code required tempered glass.”

Fireplace:  Interior firebox, flue, general condition, ensuring no excessive creosote buildup on wood burning fireplaces.  Inspecting for general health and safety related items.

Stairways: Inspection of handrails, treads and risers, overall condition and health and safety.

Attic: Insulation, electrical concerns, ventilation, duct-work if applicable, structure, wood sheathing, water stains and or damage.


Appliances: Checking all appliances where applicable for proper operation and installation, all but not limited to, stove/oven, stove top, dishwasher, garbage disposal, trash compactor, built in wine fridge, exhaust fan, hood vent, built in microwave.

Cabinets & Counter-tops: General condition and operation.

Plumbing & Electrical: Inspecting plumbing for leaks, proper drainage and operation. Electrical checked for GFCI protection and health and safety related items.


Tubs and Showers: Inspected for general condition and operation.

Toilets: Proper operation, condition, leaks, properly secured to floor structure.

Electric Outlets: checked for GFCI protection, proper operation.

Floors, Walls, Ceilings: Inspected for visible structural defects, damage and or deterioration.

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